Why are we here?

Come to the table and find out.

The Point is a church, but a different kind of church.

We’re here for people who wonder about the big questions in life, but don’t find them answered anywhere.

We provide an open, questioning environment, with a clear Christian message, and the chance to think for yourself. You don’t have to believe anything to come to the Point. There are no preconceptions. You don’t need years of church experience or a full working knowledge of the Bible. What we do is explained clearly and straightforwardly, and if it isn’t, put your hand up and ask!

When it's not lockdown, we meet at 4 for Holiday Club style fun, and we eat at 4:45, offering a free meal to everybody who comes (if you prefer to pay then you can put money in the donation box, but we don’t have a collection at all). Then at 5:30 we have a service together for 45 minutes with questions. We call it Point 123 and you can come to which ever parts you like.

In the mornings we have Morning Point at 9am, with free sausage sandwiches and talk and discussion.

If you are wondering how the church pays its way, then go to the funding page.

We want to help people find faith in Jesus Christ, so if you want to know more, then come along any Sunday afternoon, for a warm welcome, a cup of tea or coffee, something to eat, and the big questions.

We offer free Bibles and free food so come to the table - you are invited.

Bike Day

We also serve our community with events like our Bike Day - come and get your bike fixed for free.