Like any other organisation the Point needs to pay its way, but we don’t want our guests to do this for us.

Apparently, one of the biggest complaints people have about the church is they’re only after your money.

We’re not – we’re much more interested in you becoming a Christian.

The Point is funded by the sacrificial giving of the core team and the generosity of its members. We don’t do fundraising, jumble sales or collections. We don’t even have a donations page on the website. 

Each week the tea and coffee are free, the meal is free and everything is provided for our guests.

We even put on special free events for the community - like our bike day when we repair bikes and fix what we can.

Bike Day

We do things this way, because we don’t want anything in the church to put people off from coming. You don’t need money, you don’t need knowledge, you don’t need to know when to sit down or stand up (you get to sit at tables anyway) – there’s nothing stopping you from coming.

Whichever way you’re hungry, we will feed you.

If you want to give - that's great. Every Sunday we need help putting up tables, setting out chairs, carrying in boxes from the trailer, cleaning up afterwards - we'd love your help!