Coffee Queue

What we do on a Sunday

Being a brand new church, it is very easy for us to change what we do on a Sunday, so the programme has developed over the last six years.

At the moment we're on Zoom, but the information below is for when the Pandemic is over.

When you get to the Point in the afternoon, there’s a warm welcome, a cup of tea or coffee and the opportunity to sign in any children you’ve brought with you.

Then, at 4 o’clock we start promptly with fun activities for everybody together, children and adults, as we learn about Jesus. Then at 4:45pm we eat together, and then at 5:30pm we sing either with our live band or a video.

Then we have the first part of the talk (a bit like a TED talk) followed by questions on the tables. If you don’t think the questions are up to much, you can choose your own instead (like a politician – “That’s a really interesting question you’re asking there Mr Minister, but I think a better question to ask is…….”). After the questions we have feedback and some practical ideas for the week ahead. We sometimes finish with a song as well – you can sing heartily, half-heartedly or just listen. Then there’s usually prayer to wrap up at 6:15pm.

In the mornings we meet at 9am, and have the talk and the questions, simultaneously with sausage sandwiches (red sauce, brown sauce or no sauce).

So – to come to the Point, you don’t need to be able to pray, to sing, or even to read. You don’t need to have years of church experience or knowledge of the Bible. Just come and see.

The Bible talks about a great banquet, and Jesus spends a lot of his time going to meals, eating meals and moving on from meals. Come to the table this Sunday.