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Covid-19 Sundays at the Point

We are meeting at 9am this Sunday (9th August) on Zoom. There is no 4 o'clock service this week.

Coming later, we have our new series "Googling God", looking at the most asked questions on Google about God. These include:

1    What is love?     5,000,000
2    What is the Big Bang theory?      2,740,000
3    Who is Jesus?     1,830,000
4    What is the church?     1,220,000
5    What is the Salvation Army?     1,000,000
6    Who is God?     1,000,000
7    What are the seven deadly sins?     1,000,000
8    What is life?     1,000,000
9    What is the Bible?  823,000
10    What is meditation? 823,000

You don't need to believe anything, you don't need to understand everything, you don't need years of church attendance under your belt, all you need is a broadband connection and we'll see you on Sunday.

To access Zoom you can use a laptop browser, or if you are using a phone you will need to download the App.