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Spring 2019 events at the Point

Point 123 is the way we do our Sunday Afternoon Service.
Point 1 starts at 4 o'clock and is 45 minutes full of exciting activities for children and adults together.
Point 2 begins at 4:45pm and is a free full meal for all who would like to come and join us.
Point 3 is at 5:30pm and is 45 minutes of worship and learning for adults and those children who wish to stay.

Morning Point is our morning service. We start at 9 o'clock with bacon sandwiches and we have discussion until 10 o'clock

This winter we are looking at the greatest letter ever written - St Paul to the people of Rome, which we find in the New Testament. It was written in the mid-fifties AD and explains the significance of who Jesus is. Some of Paul's letters are written in reply to what somebody has sent him, and others respond to local circumstances. Romans is written to the heart of the empire, to people who Paul has never met before, and it speaks to people in all times and all places.

Christians believe that God speaks to us today through the Bible, so we explore together what that might mean 

April 7th 2019 9am - Point 123 Service - Romans 12:9-21
April 7th 2019 4pm - Point 123 Service - Romans 13:1-7

April 14th 2019 9am - Point 123 Service - Romans 13:1-7
April 14th 2019 4pm - Point 123 Service - Romans 14:1-9

April 21st 2019 4pm - Point 123 Service - Easter Sunday Event