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Christmas 2019 events at the Point

Morning Point is the way we do our Sunday Morning Service.
We start at 9 o'clock with 60 minutes of video, sausage sandwiches and discussion

Point 123 is the way we do our Sunday Afternoon Service.
We start at 4 o'clock with 45 minutes of exciting activities for the children, followed by a free meal for everybody at 4:45pm, and then at 5:30 we have 45 minutes of video and discussion and questions

December 15th - 9am - Morning Point with Sausage Sandwiches - Countdown to Christmas
December 15th - 4pm - Point 123 - Countdown to Christmas

December 22nd - 4pm Pop-up Nativity

Wednesday December 25th - 10am Christmas Day at the Rocket Park

December 29th - No Services

Christmas at the Point