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Covid-19 2020 Sundays at the Point

We are online this Sunday at 9am and 4pm (don't forget the clocks change so you lose an hour)

Sunday 29th March 9am

Sunday 29th March 4pm

We're going to be using Zoom - if you have a laptop you can use your browser, if you have a phone you will need to download the app.

We'll be discussing what Freedom really is (ironic in today's circumstances). How we work is that we have an 8 minute video to introduce the topic, followed by dividing into groups to look at the set questions (with the proviso that if you have a better question you should bring that first) and then a plenary session bringing everyone back together again. If you like, you can just listen to what everybody else says, or you can have your say.

The whole event lasts 45 minutes, although you are welcome to leave comments later, if you're the kind of person who likes to have time to process your thoughts.

You don't need to believe anything, you don't need to understand everything, you don't need years of church attendance under your belt, all you need is a broadband connection and we'll see you tomorrow.