About Us

The Point is a brand new church in Hexham, designed for those who don’t go to church...

We meet on Sundays at 9am and 4pm at Hexham Priory School, NE46 1UY which is a fabulous venue with free parking and a children’s play park outside.

There’s free tea and coffee, fun activities and the chance to learn about Jesus.

At the 9 o'clock service we have free sausage sandwiches.

At the 4 o'clock service we have the children's service first, and then at 4:45pm (prompt – we finish on time) there’s a completely free meal. You don’t have to stay for the meal, but it’s free, tasty and child-friendly. At 5:30pm we have a talk and questions and music. We call it Point 123 and you can come to all or part of it.

To come to The Point you don’t have to believe anything, know anything, bring any money or wear special clothes – you can come as you are and you’ll be welcome – it’s a church for everybody (except for the overly religious).

We try to do everything well, so that there’s nothing offensive about us, apart from what Jesus says (lots of people find Jesus offensive but so be it).

We’re a “Come and See” church, so come and see what this community of people is like – informal, casual and approachable. Did we say that it was all free? We don’t even take a collection and if you come, we’re happy to give you a free paperback Bible because we know that it still changes lives today.

Our minister is Rev David E Flavell who has been in Hexham quite a while – you might well have seen him in town, at the bandstand or in school assemblies. He had a hunch that there were a lot of people out there who were interested in the big questions in life, but had problems with traditional church. That’s why he wanted to be part of the team which was starting The Point.