Who are we?

The Point is a church which welcomes people from Hexham and all over Tynedale.

Some have been going to church for years, some are new, some are asking questions, some don’t believe in God at all.

The core team is made up of committed Christians who want to help people find faith.

The team work together to lead the church, but the minister and speaker most Sundays, is Rev David Flavell who has been in Tynedale for 18 years. He and his wife Martha led Hexham Holiday Club for five years.

There are teenagers in the core team and without them we'd find it difficult to run the Point.

However, the core team are less than half the people who turn up every week. There are all sorts of folk who come to the Point including lots of children and there's nearly always somebody new.

We're expecting visitors every week so give us a try. If it isn't a fabulous experience then your visit needn't be in vain - let us know and we'll do better next time......